moving boxesWhat part of your upcoming residential move excites you and your family the most? The idea of settling into a new home? Exploring a different town or city, possibly in a different state? Starting new jobs and new schools? Getting to make a bunch of new friends? When we ask this question to our customers, few respond with “packing and moving our furniture!”

That’s normal. Packing up all your possessions, possibly storing them until your new home is ready and then transporting them across any number of miles can seem like a big hassle. That’s why our residential moving company, Mid Atlantic Van Lines, exists. We have the experience, equipment and people it takes for a painless and successful move.

Individual Attention for Your Furniture and Belongings

No two moves are alike. Your home is full of valuable furniture, electronics and personal belongings, as well as priceless family mementos and heirlooms that can’t be replaced due to their sentimental value. That’s why we approach your move with the same care and attention we’d apply to our own move. Our team members work hard to carefully plan and organize your move at every step:

  • Price quote: Our initial free price quote takes your current and future zip codes, moving dates and the quantity of furniture you have to move so you have all the info you need to make your choice.
  • Packing: Once you’ve chosen us for your residential move, we prepare all the necessary boxes, containers and covers to organize and protect your furniture as we load it into our vans.
  • Storage: In some cases, your new home may not be ready right away. With Mid Atlantic Van Lines, that isn’t a problem. We can provide safe, clean and secure storage until it’s time to make the final move.
  • Moving: We are licensed and insured to give you peace of mind and are careful and respectful as we pack, load and unload your furniture, as well as transport it to your new address.
  • Unpacking: Thanks to our years of experience, we know we can save a lot of time and hassle when we properly label your furniture and possessions and install it where you’d like it in your new home.

We employ friendly, courteous and conscientious movers who are happy to answer any questions you might have and will work hard to make your move as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

The Leader in Residential Moving

We’re proud of the reputation we have as a professional residential moving company. Based in Baltimore, we also serve customers across Maryland in Bethesda, Owings Mills, Rockville and Towson. Our coverage also extends to Gettysburg, PA, Alexandria, VA and other parts of Northern Virginia as well as Washington DC. Once you’re packed, we can move you clear across the country.


Your destination is your choice. Our job is getting your furniture and other possessions there safe and sound. Request your free quote today or give us a call and tell us about your move. You’ll find out how we have become a leading residential moving company. We’ll get started right away planning a trouble-free move that lets you and your family focus on all the other exciting things that come with a move!