How to Protect Furniture When Moving

Moving Furniture

You love your floral-print plushy red coach. After arriving home from a long, tiresome day at work, your trusted couch is always there to cushion your plunge. It has been with you through countless Netflix-binges, late-night infomercial sessions and innumerable hours spent on hold during calls to your insurance company. Your favorite furniture piece has provided plush comfort when you’ve most needed it — and it will continue to do the same in your new home, too.

Furniture is more than just fluffy cushions. Whether you’re switching rooms or moving out of state, you want your chosen pieces to come along with you on your new life journey. When you park your car or moving truck in the lot of your new home, you don’t want to unload your gear only to find out your floral-print coach is now missing a leg.

Packing furniture for moving shouldn’t have to be stressful. With a few key points in mind, your furniture can arrive safely and in one piece.

Ensuring Protection

Have some favorite wood pieces you’ll be transporting? If you’re wondering how to protect wood furniture for moving or are unsure how to completely transport larger pieces, you need to first start off by acquiring the proper tools and accessories before beginning. Unlike small knick-knacks or lightweight objects such as fabrics and clothing, furniture is often heavy and proportionally large. Due to the bigger dimensions of wardrobes, cabinets and tables, disassembly is often the first required step in transporting your furniture.

When disassembling your furniture, keep your materials neat and organized by placing screws, bolts and nuts in a resealable bag with the appropriate labeling. Completely disassemble any pieces that can be and package any loose pegs or pieces with padded cushioning such as bubble wrap. Keep all of the tools and parts necessary for reassembling each furniture piece together so that you can easily set them up in their new location.

How to Wrap Furniture for Storage

Many people mistakenly think a cardboard box is all it takes to package all of their materials before moving. While it may be enough to move lightweight non-fragile items such as sheets and stuffed animals, your heavy wood table is going to require a little more than a huge box and a bit of duct tape.

When moving your furniture, you want to ensure every item is properly wrapped before loading everything into your moving truck. While cardboard boxes are a staple piece required for many movers’ storage necessities, consider also investing in materials that give extra padding to your furniture to guarantee damage protection in case of falls or jolts. For instance, start off by wrapping your furniture in bubble wrap and topping your pieces off with an added layer of plastic stretch wrap. Consider purchasing mattress and sofa covers to ward off dust or other contaminants as well.

If your furniture will be spending longer periods of time in storage, remember to thoroughly clean everything beforehand. Use material-appropriate cleaner to wipe off dust and grime so that leftover dirt is not transferred into your new clean home.

Map out Your Placement

When you load up your moving truck, you might be wondering where to place everything to ensure nothing gets damaged during the trip. Because furniture is larger and requires more space, extra planning should go into where each piece will be placed in your transportation vehicle.

Don’t place heavy objects on top of more fragile boxes or furniture pieces. Wood, for example, can be easily damaged if excessive weight is placed on it. Map out where each box and furniture item will be placed beforehand to ensure added stability and extra protection.

Hire a Professional Mover for Added Assistance

Moving’s the fun part, but disassembling and boxing up your furniture? Maybe not so much. Don’t let the added stress of properly moving your items weigh you down.


At Mid Atlantic Van Lines, we host a team of certified professionals who are skilled in moving a variety of items safely and securely. Don’t worry about your favorite couch arriving with missing pieces, stains or tears. For more information on transporting your possessions to their next destination, contact us to make your next move hassle-free.

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