How to Pack for a Move

Packing for a Move

You’ve scoured the market far and near for the perfect home. You’ve picked your dream location, and now you’re ready to embark on an exciting life journey in your new home. You may be ready to jump in your car and head over to your new apartment or home — but don’t forget to pack all of your possessions first.

Don’t wait until the day has come to move to toss all of your belongings into one giant box and head over to your new residence. Packing may not be a fun task — but it is a necessary one.

How to Pack for a Move Across Town

You shouldn’t let the excitement and thrill of a new move simmer at the thought of wrapping, boxing and transporting all of your belongings. With a few key points in mind, you’ll be on your way to your dream home with all of your furniture, electronics and favored possessions with you:

1. Break Down Your Tasks

If you attempt to pack every single item and product in your home in a single day, you’ll find yourself faced with an insurmountable task. Pace yourself. Take the time you need to properly and efficiently pack all of the items in your home.

The idea of packing up may not exactly cause feelings of happiness or excitement, but you can make the task less daunting by aiming to pack a specific number of boxes each day. Start with clearing out one room before moving onto the next. You’ll be able to quickly see your progress and feel accomplished rather than overwhelmed.

2. Carefully Consider What to Pack First When Moving

Where to start? As you begin to scan your dining room, kitchen and master bedroom, you may begin to wonder —what should I begin to put away first?

Think about the items you will need won’t need for a while and which items you’ll require immediately upon first arriving at your new location. Necessities, such as medication, hygienic products and sheets and covers, will all need to reach your home the very first day. Electronics like your TV, however, you may not need right when you get there.

It’s important to keep in mind that packing is not an activity that can be done properly in one day. You may take multiple trips to your new place and will need your daily necessities when you first arrive. If you’re moving across the state and do in fact transport all of your possessions in one large van, be sure to keep your most needed possessions within arm’s reach for easy access upon arrival.

3. Pack Efficiently and Wisely

Just because it may look like all of your electronics could fit into one large packing box doesn’t mean this is where they should go during the move. When packing, don’t cut corners in an attempt to save resources or time. In the long run, you may cause more harm than good if your prized-possessions arrive broken or damaged.

Purchase the proper packing materials to ensure your products receive the protection they deserve during the move. Use bubble wrap and packing tissue to wrap your supplies. When choosing the right boxes, pick dimensions appropriate for the items that will fill them. The idea that more is better applies to your supply of packing boxes and cartons. Avoid over-packing your items into one packing box to ensure everything arrives neatly at its new destination.

4. Organize, Organize, Organize!

There is nothing more upsetting than wanting one specific item and not knowing where exactly to find it. Avoid unnecessary stress by implementing a few systematic tips.

Always pack items with their appropriate accessories in one location. You won’t expect to find your HDMI cord for your TV in with a box of perfumes and cologne, but this may just be the first place you thought to toss it. If possible, place items in their original boxes for easy identification.

You don’t want your moving truck to look like a myriad of identical boxes — giving you no real hint as to what is inside. Use dark, legible words to label the contents of each box. Unpacking your bed sheets is as easy as looking for a box marked “bedding” in big, bold letters.

5. Reach out for a Helping Hand

Moving should be exciting — not stressful. Whether you have too much to pack on your own or want the assurance of a certified team taking care of your moving necessities, Mid Atlantic Van Lines is your go-to choice for providing you with the long distance moving services you deserve.


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