Items You Should Move Yourself


There’s something simple and incredibly helpful about finding the right moving and packing company to meet your needs. But, no matter how good your moving and packing company is, it’s important that you move some things yourself. What are those things? Here’s a look at the items you should take yourself, whether you’re moving across town or across the country.

Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry should be moved personally for two reasons: It’s small and it’s expensive. This is the type of stuff that can easily get lost or misplaced, which you want to avoid at all costs. It’s easy enough to move fine jewelry yourself because it’s small and light. Make sure it reaches your new home safely when you choose to move it yourself.


Heirlooms are important for another reason — they are irreplaceable. Anytime you have something that’s been passed down from generation to generation — something that holds significant value only to you — don’t run the risk of losing or misplacing that item in the middle of a move. It’s just not worth it.

Important Documents

Always make sure you have important documents before you move. We’re talking about passports, social security cards, birth certificates and similar documents. Not only is it expensive and difficult to replace these items, but you may also find that you need them immediately upon arrival in your new town or state.

For example: when you start a new job, you often need to provide a Social Security card and driver’s license to get paid.


Antiques are another expensive and difficult-to-replace asset that should be moved by the owner only. Oftentimes, antiques have special handling needs that are best executed by a knowledgeable owner. Antiques are also best protected when moved by the owner rather than as part of a bulk move.


You never want to be without your important medications — especially when moving to a new place where you don’t yet have a doctor and pharmacy established. This isn’t just daily medication. You should make sure you have anything you might need for certain allergies or allergic reactions, or even emergencies you’re more prone to.

This is just an abbreviated list of the thing you should consider taking with you before a move. You may have other assets that you deem necessary to move yourself.

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