The Importance of Getting Rid of ‘Stuff’ Before Moving

moving boxes

Stuff. We all have it. Stuff fills our closets, cupboards, dressers and drawers. It accumulates under our beds and behind our couches. Most of us get used to having many possessions we don’t use very often and don’t even notice them on a day-to-day basis. When it comes time to pack up and move, however, we’re confronted with just how much stuff we have.

If you’re planning a move, take some expert advice on the topic from one of the top professional packing and moving companies. Reducing the amount of stuff you have in your home not only makes for an easier and more affordable move, but it also can help maximize the organization in your everyday life.

Simplify Your Move and Your Life

As we accumulate clutter in our lives, it can start to take over. The amount of storage space you have, even in a large home, is finite. Once it’s full, you tend to start accumulating more possessions that don’t even have a place to go. Why not take an afternoon, or a weekend, depending on just how much stuff you have, and go through all of your stuff. Attack your house room by room and make piles:

  • Important items to keep and move to your new house
  • Unwanted and unused items to donate or sell to make extra cash
  • Broken items that can be repaired, recycled or discarded
  • Beloved items you can repurpose for another use in your new home

If you include your whole family, sorting and organizing can be fun. You’ll certainly stumble across old toys, pictures and items that evoke a memory and a laugh. Encourage your family members by planning a nice dinner or outing with the money made from selling your used items. Organizing piles of clothes, toys and bedding for donation to local shelters that support disadvantaged families is also a great way to inspire your children to help others.

Save Energy and Money

When you have less stuff to move, it makes for a faster and more affordable move. We base our moving prices on the number of rooms, as well as, the quantity of furniture and possessions to transport. There’s no point in moving old items and furniture you won’t use in your new home, so get rid of them first. That way, packing up your possessions, transporting them to your new location and unpacking them in your new home takes less time and costs you less.


Once you’ve decided which of your possessions will make the move with you, contact our team at Mid Atlantic Van Lines. We’ll organize for safe passage of all your remaining stuff so you can enjoy it at your new destination.

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