5 Tips to Help Sell Your Home Fast

for sale sign in front of house

Are you wondering how to sell your home fast? No one wants their home to linger on the market, especially when they’ve already made an offer on a new house.

Not only is it difficult to plan a move with an active listing on the market, but a home that’s been for sale for weeks and weeks (or months and months) begins to look questionable. Buyers may wonder what’s wrong with it to make it linger on the market for so long.

Make sure your home sells as quickly as possible when you follow these five tips:

  1. Landscaping: One fast way to ensure your home looks its best and makes a great first impression is to improve your landscaping. You can spend just a little bit at a nursery to secure plants and greenery that can pay big dividends in selling your home quickly.
  2. Small Updates: You don’t need to remodel your home to help it sell quickly. Moving your home off the market fast can be a matter of making just a few small updates — like new paint. At most, consider ripping out and replacing old carpet. These small updates may come at a cost, and they may not seem like they would make a huge difference, but it’s all about making a first impression — and these updates can help you do that.
  3. Staging: You want to help your home feel lived-in without feeling too personal. That is, make sure it’s warm and inviting, but stay away from plastering family photos and kids’ arts and crafts projects all over the home. Also, clear away the clutter and thin out your closets to make the home feel larger than it really is.
  4. Marketing: It’s no longer effective to just put a sign in the front yard, throw a listing on the MLS and hope for the best. People are looking for houses online more and more, so make sure your home is well-documented online. Professional-quality photos of your home are a must, and so are video features like virtual walkthroughs. Help prospective buyers fall in love with your home before they ever see it in real life.
  5. Pricing: Take a look at comparable properties that have sold in the area — and ones that have lingered on the market. How is your home different, unique and better? Be sure to use these comparable properties as guides for how to price your home. There’s one truth in real estate, and it’s this: An appropriately priced home will sell fast. You have to determine what the appropriate price is and whether you’re willing to accept it.

Once you’ve sold your home and found a new one, it’s time to find a professional packing and moving service. At Mid Atlantic Van Lines, we work with individuals and families each day to ensure they move successfully from one home to another while taking care of their belongings.


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